October 09, 2013


Edgar Martinez, 1987 Fleer

Hi Edgar!

CASE OF THE MONDAYS? LOL. Seriously though you look great. This is a great card, very pleasurable to look at with my eyes.

 Did you know?

... Cousin Carmelo Martinez plays for San Diego organization ...

I was wondering if that was the case but I didn't want to seem racist. There are a lots of Martinezes out there, and I can't just go assuming Carmelo and Edgar are cousins because that is racist. That is cool though that they are. They probs see each other on Thanksgiving and Carmelo's like, "How's life in quadruple A?" Then Edgar's like, "Why don't you have another turkey leg you fat cow?" cause Carmelo's kind of big, and Carmelo's like, "Thought you'd at least trim up the loose ends of the mullet for the holidays, what gives?" All of this is said in Spanish, by the way, and all in good fun, all in good fun. Typical Martinezeses Thanksgiving.

... First ML hit was a triple during 1987 season.

Of course I knew that you a$$hole. What do I look like, an a$$hole that doesn't know about things?

Oh man speaking of racist.


Hey, Fleer - why don't you put a sombrero on him and tilt it over his face? Sheesh. (Yes, I realize Edgar Martinez is of Puerto Rican descent, not Mexican. Still, Fleer is racist.) However, it DOES seem like the nap worked, so there is that.

Anyhoo, Edgar Martinez would go on to have an aiiiiiight career, and, judging by this card, aged in reverse like Benjamin Buttons. He is now a little baby.

Also he has a website. It's official, so don't go thinking it's one of those Edgar Martinez parody sites.

"On the field, I got to play the game I loved, but supporting my community has always been a passio-- and so on and so forth. Please enter your email address to receive news from Edgar Martinez.

He also had one of the sweetest right-handed swings you - yes, YOU - will ever see. That beautiful swing was best captured here, on this card:


Mike F said...

I'm a big Edgar Martinez fan and a big baseball card fan but not a Edgar Martinez baseball card fan. His cards are horrible.

troy said...

There is zero chance that my next record won't be named "Typical Martinezeses Thanksgiving."

xavier higgins said...

89 fleer