October 10, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #40: Hall for McGwire

This trade comes in from Jim in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Giving: Bill Hall, #109 (red back)
Getting: Mark McGwire, 1996 Sportflix UC3

UC3? I only have eyes for one. I want to go on record that I have never seen a better photograph of Mark McGwire anywhere as the one on the back of this card. It's a shame that Sportlix didn't use this photo as their marketing centerpiece on all their boxes, on their packs and in ads. In fact, why did they bother including any other players in the set? They could've been ten years ahead of the game if they had only used McGwire's "Look How Laidback I Am Even Though I'm Really Full of Steroids" photo on every card (only changing the checklist number).

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