October 10, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #39: Sanchez for Estes

This trade comes in from Matthew in Long Beach, California.

Giving: Freddy Sanchez, #127
Getting: Shawn Estes, 2003 Topps Total

Matthew notes in his letter than he especially liked how the crack Topps designers airbrushed Estes' uniform to be a Cubs home jersey, even though it's very obvious that he's pitching in Shea Stadium.

You know what I like the most about this card? It's that it's the best part of this card. Boy, Topps Total is ugly. And what's with just the one line of stats on the back? Do we really need to know that Shawn's looking forward to reuniting with Dusty Baker in Chicago? And really, don't use a word like 'reuniting' on a baseball card; that word is reserved for only two situations: 1) they were former lovers, or 2) they were in a band a long time ago, back before Elwood was living next to the elevated and Princess Leia was actively trying to kill Joilet Jake.

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