October 10, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #41: Holliday and Cantu for Marichal and Buice

This trade comes in from David in Acworth, Georgia.

Giving: Matt Holliday, #118 (red back); Jorge Cantu, #184
Getting: Juan Marichal, 1966 Topps; DeWayne Buice, 1988 Topps

About DeWayne Buice, Dave writes, "Just wanted to point out that if he didn't get the munchies for Chinese food, there might not be a 2007 Goudey set."

Duly noted. But also, if it weren't for Buice's random stop, the hobby might not be obsessed with high-end card sets, and maybe also not used to spending a week's salary on a box of eight cards.

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Anonymous said...

This Trade-away series is getting really boring and old now.