February 08, 2014

The Baseball Card Blog Is Alive & Well, Thank You for Asking

Thanks to our intrepid readers, The Baseball Card Blog is back! Not sure what happened there, but you may have seen this in your blogroll today...

I may not have blogged in a while, but no, I didn't up and change the topic of the blog. I'm actually still very interested in sports cards. I'm currently putting together the 1969 Topps set, I'm getting excited about the 2014 Topps Heritage set and will be on the receiving end of a full unopened case (yes, you read that right; it's the first time I've ever got a case). I'm also contemplating buying up unopened boxes of 2013 Topps Update, if just to chase the Boston Strong insert set. I'm also totally intrigued by the Top 50 Rookie Buyback redemption insert in 2014 Topps. 

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