November 11, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure... Fleer

Every Halloween for the last few years, the blog Thorzul Will Rule has hosted a custom baseball card contest. The Nightmares on Cardboard contest has seen some amazing submissions. Each year I am surprised at the creativity that goes into his readers' creations.

I'll admit I have entered a few times. I don't like to brag*, but I've won in the past. I was happy to find out that I won this year's contest too. I wanted to share my entry with the faithful readers of The Baseball Card Blog.

In the past, it would have been easy to share: One post, a few scans of custom cards. This year is a little more difficult... I made quite a few cards. If you read the contest results, you'll see that this year's victory was not much of challenge. There were only two entries. No offense to the runner-up (I loved - LOVED - his entry), but the PunkRockPaint team spent a lot of time and effort on our contest entry.

Each year, Thorzul picks a theme for the contest. The theme for this year's contest was "Fleer." I could think of nothing more horrific than 1991 Fleer. The boring design and the too-bright, yellow color made me hate this set the second it came out. I decided to share the horror with the world. I wanted to do something with cards that I had never seen before. After brainstorming ideas for a couple days, a lightning bolt of inspiration struck...

I decided to make a set of Choose Your Own Adventure cards. Making custom cards is what I do. Writing is not my strong point. Luckily, PunkRockPaint's Vice President of Deep Thoughts, Michael Sherrillo, was willing to devote a few days of his life to help write the story. Since the contest is run by a Brewers fan, and we wanted the story rooted in history, I picked an actual 1990 game around which to base the story. July 23rd, 1990, a Brewers 13-0 victory over the Red Sox, was the game I chose. For the contest, each card was resealed into a separate wax pack of 1991 Fleer cards, stacked back in their original box.

It is a pretty entertaining journey (if I do say so myself.) Fans of the Milwaukee Brewers will find a couple of inside jokes (provided by PunkRockPaint intern and life-long Brewers fan, Matthew Schuster).

If you would like to check the set out, please go to the first card.



Fuji said...

Man... that was insane. That's the most creative thing I've ever seen with cards. You sir... are a genius. Can't wait to see your 2014 contest entry.

Zvon said...

Brilliant stuff!