November 20, 2013

John Moses baseball

This is my favorite John Moses baseball card.

 John Moses, 1988 Topps

Some people like this one:

 Pretty neat!

Or even this one.

Looking good, John Moses!

This one is cool because it's signed by John Moses.

Kid: Hey John Moses, can you sign my ballcard?

John Moses: Sure thing, sport. (signs) Don't forget to eat your vegetables.

You can find a lot of cool John Moses baseball cards if you Google "John Moses baseball."

Looks like a hit, John Moses!



One time I heard a rumor that John Moses enjoyed water skiing and bowling.

Yeah, but is it true?

Anyway, that was fun, but this is my favorite John Moses baseball card because I think it is cool and nice.

What is your favorite John Moses baseball card?

What's that?

ALL OF THEM? Ha, ha ... so true, so true.

Thanks, everyone!

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