July 17, 2013

Fun With Stickers

Hey everyone, check out these Fleer baseball stickers about baseball! Thought this might be a baseball card when I opened the pack of baseball cards but instead they are stickers.

Check it out, these are National League stickers. This sticker card has all the National League team stickers you could ever want: Pirates, Cardinals, Padres, Giants, Pirates, Giants. Plus the Cardinals. All the teams in that league, the National League. Let's find out more about these teams:

 The San Diego Padres play on grass, and their stadium holds 59,022 humans. Learning a lot today AND getting stickers. Best day ever or best day ever is the only question LOLZ.

Cool beans! Now it makes sense why there are four stickers on this card representing the expansion teams of 1969. (checks front of card again) Oops, my bad, whatevs!

Let's look at these stickers again!

These stickers are circles, which is perfect. Sometimes I get misshapen or awkwardly-shaped stickers and it's so frustrating. Arg, the leg on this sticker person ripped off! I play with stickers a lot because I am a toddler and not a growing boy becoming more interested in the game of baseball by the day.

These stickers look great, sure, but how do you peel them off? Should I purchase a sophisticated instrument to locate the peeling position?

Awesome! That is where you peel them, just follow the arrows. Now it's time to have some fun ...

"Ummm, yes, I work for the Cardinals. Please allow me into your clubhouse to talk to the players and maybe eat a sandwich." COULD YOU IMAGINE IF THAT WORKED???

Ruff, ruff, my dog likes the Pirates ... NOT! Ha, ha!

Is that a sticker on your pants or are you just happy to see me (a.k.a. have a "giant" boner)?

This has been so much fun, thanks for playing along!


Mets88 said...

Are you kidding me ? :D hahaha i did the SAME yesterday... posted exactly the 89 Fleer stickers all over my dads stuff in the house! ^^ perfect

mkenny59 said...

Ha, well great and immature minds think alike I guess!