July 24, 2013



It's Fantasy Baseball Sluggers 2002! It's an "All-New Improved Game!" The 2001 version was hella lame, but now? NOW you can ...

Play FREE online for your chance to win a trip for four to the 2002 MLB ALL-Star Game

!!! SPOILER ALERT: The 2002 All-Star Game ends in a tie BUT produces this:

So it's gonna be dope. Anyway, I know what you're saying: "That's cool about playing this weird game online for free and maybe winning a chance to go to the All-Star Game. But what I REALLY want to do is go to the 2003 Major League Baseball Player's Association Big League Challenge ..."

or a trip for four to the 2003 MLBPA Big League Challenge

AWESOME!!!!!!!! What is that? Doesn't matter. Prolly gonna have crazy dope sluggers there, like this guy:

Or maybe even this guy:

Plus a box of cards is given away every week of the season!

I LOVE CARDS. Any big name brands?

/passes out/

It doesn't matter when during the 2002 season you join in, so get online now and start playing for your chance to win big!

Just logged on. Getting mad error messages, son! What gives? You trying to tell me www.sluggers.com doesn't have a shelf life of at least 11 years? GODADDY.COM THAT B*T*H. Is there another website where I can activate my card number? I have a card number.

How does this game even work?

(goes online to sluggers.com) DANG this is more challenging than last year! But also more FUN! (changes Ruben Sierra from "DH" to "fullback") Ha, ha, dumbass! (pulls Jeremy Giambi card) Ugh, I don't like this ... (tries to put card back into computer) "ERROR, ERROR - YOU HAVE EXCEEDED THE MAXIMUM SLOTAGE" Darn it, whatever, gonna create a whole new team ... (creates new team called "your MOM is a slugger lolz") Need five players, let's go with ... Curt Schilling and Alfonso Soriano to start ... "ERROR, ERROR, ONE PLAYER PER CARD; CURT SCHILLING IN NOT A SLUGGER" ... The hell? This sucks. (logs off, turns on "Friends") Ha ha ... Joey, you idiot.

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