June 17, 2011

Topps SNL Archives - Pack 3

My scanner came back to last tonight, so as promised, here's more of the Saturday Night Live Archives I picked up earlier this week.

Pack 3

 SNL Archives #5 - Jon Lovitz

SNL Archives #96 - Louise Lasser - BANNED

From the file of Things I Didn't Know: Louise Lasser was the first host to be banned from Saturday Night Live after she appeared completely incoherent on a 1976 broadcast. Good for Topps for highlighting the bad-weird along with the good-weird.

SNL Archives #49 - Elliot Gould - ERROR (!?!)

I'm only guessing that this card of Elliott Gould is an error, since his name is spelled wrong, but you never know. It could just be that the Topps copywriter and crack team of proofreaders missed it. I've checked out eBay and a lot of auctions are calling this an error, but it could be like the 2007 Jeter/Mantle/Bush card—an "error" that was only "corrected" to sell the factory set.

SNL Archives #106 - Nick Summers

I like that this set includes character cards. It's an endearing quirk. And one that makes me think there's a Buckwheat card out there somewhere!

 SNL Archives #89 - "Merry Christmas - My D*ck in a Box"

OK, the very idea of a Saturday Night Live set suggests mild profanity, but really? Topps is going all-out for the street cred here, printing the full title of this SNL Digital Short. Got to hand it to them on this one. It also looks like Andy Samberg is a star of this set; so far two out of the three packs have contained a card of him.

SNL Archives #60 - Chevy Chase

I read somewhere that Chase was so hated by the other cast members that he got himself literally kicked off the show in 1976. Personally, I think he's hilarious in the "pompous, clueless ass" role he's been typecast in for almost his whole career. Nice to see the Topps checklister give him his due with a 2nd Tier number.

I have one more pack lined up for sometime this weekend. I know I've said it before, but this set is just plain awesome. I'm already putting together three sets right now (1956 Topps, 1961 Fleer, 1977 Topps), but this might add itself to that list.


beardy said...

Chevy Chase is one of my favorite people of all-time. OF ALL-TIME!

It's nice to see him actually be funny again on Community, cause for a while there, he was spectacularly not funny, and a little weird.

This set looks great Travis, just like everything else you've done.

Mark A. said...

Love the Lovitz card. One of my favorite SNL skits.

Mephistopheles: You, watching this at home, worship me! I command you! Become my willing thralls and live eternally!

PunkRockPaint said...

I really hope the Elliott Gould isn't a gimmick card...

I am hoping that the proofreader was just asleep at the wheel.

daneastside said...

lol... love SNL :)