June 21, 2011

Topps SNL Archives - Sell Sheets

Looks like we may have jumped the gun on collecting this set. This morning I stopped by the card shop where I purchased my 1st pack of SNL Archives. When I asked the owner if he had any more packs, he gave me a nasty look.

Turns out, he received his boxes early. The release date isn't until July 20th. He got an email warning from Topps threatening (in his words), "Legal action and all sorts of bad sh**," if he sells any more before the release date.

I have been a good customer of (shop name removed) in (city name removed) for quite some time. The owner, (name removed), is a great guy, and has tremendous ethics. He said to come back after the release date, and he would promise to keep the price the same. 

I would have been really disappointed, but he did give me the sell sheet for the set. It is one page (front and back) that is torn on one edge. I asked him if there was another page. He said that he wasn't sure, but would ask his daughter and let me know.

Thankfully, the owner of a less reputable shop, (shop name removed), was more than eager to take my money. He wanted to charge me double the SRP ($8 a pack!), so I only bought two.

I got a couple of great cards in the packs, so I don't feel too bad about paying so much. I'll post them soon, but until then...

SNL Archives Sell Sheet


I hope Ben was able to score some more packs out on the east coast. 

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