January 15, 2010

Stickey Henderson

Pack 16: Andre Dawson, Rod Carew, Dan Ford, Hosken Powell, Dale Murphy
0/5 New!

Stickey Says: Stickey is truly blessed to not end up in a pack of doubles.

Pack 17: NL All-Star Dave Concepcion, Steve Carlton, Larry Gura, Mickey Rivers, Chet Lemon
1/5 New!

Stickey Says: Stickey thanks Steve Carlton for staying in the National League for just about all of his career.

Pack 18: Tom Seaver, Jerry Remy, Dusty Baker, Mike Schmidt, Vida Blue
0/5 New!

Stickey Says: Dusty Baker, Mickey Rivers, Chet Lemon, Hosken Powell, Dale Murphy, Dan Ford, Andre Dawson... Stickey says Stickey could start over all of these guys.

Pack 19: Al Bumbry, Scott MacGregor, Larry Parrish, Nolan Ryan, Sixto Lezcano
5/5 New!

Stickey Says: Stickey is happy to see Mr. The Nolan Ryan in Pack 19. Finally someone on Stickey's level of all-time greaterness.

Pack 20: Alan Ashby, Pat Zachry, Pat Putnam, Doug DeCinces, and Me, Stickey Henderson
5/5 New!

Stickey Says: Stickey can't believe all these players with bad hairdos. Stickey says Stickey never had a bad haircut in his life. Don't they know they're in front of people?

Total New: 11/25
Total Doubles: 14/25
Total Stickeys? There can be only one.

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