January 16, 2010

Stickey 2: Stickey's Revenge

Pack 21: Paul Molitor, Amos Otis, Manny Trillo, Bob Horner, Rich Dauer
0/5 New!

Pack 22: Al Bumbry, Scott MacGregor, Larry Parrish, Nolan Ryan, Sixto Lezcano
0/5 New!

Pack 23: Ben Oglivie, Willie Randolph, Ron LeFlore, Carl Yastrzemski, Bo Diaz
0/5 New!

What the heck is going on here? Three packs in a row and all doubles?

Pack 24: Alan Ashby, Pat Zachry, Pat Putnam, Doug DeCinces, NL All-Star Pete Rose
1/5 New!

Pack 25: Carlton Fisk, NL All-Star Bruce Sutter, Bruce Bochte, Rich Dotson, Stickey Henderson
1/5 New!

Total New: 2(!)/25
Total Doubles: 23/25
Total Stickeys? And then there were two.

Honestly, I'm shocked and at the same time not surprised. Collation was bad, and at the same time pretty good. Here's what I mean. The possibility of someone buying up the entire box of stickers in 1982 was not very high, so if you bought one or two packs you have a fairly decent shot of getting all different stickers. And if you and your friend bought sticker packs at the same time, pulling them one after another from the box, well, you have a good chance at getting many of the same stickers, (with one or two different ones to trade).

But looking at the whole-box collation... jeez, it's not doing too great right now.

You know what? I'm gonna keep going on this post til I get a pack of all-new stickers. I mean, I've barely cracked the 20% complete mark, and I feel like my doubles pile is already in danger of toppling.

So here we go.

Pack 26: Glenn Hubbard, Craig Reynolds, Ken Forsch, Mike Hargrove, Bill Buckner
5/5 New!

There, see? Didn't have to go so far to get all new stickers. And good thing, too. That Ken Forsch looks like one mean little Gelfling.

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