July 21, 2008

The OKC Thunder: What, "Slick Watts and The Happy Head Band" Was Taken?

Man. Who totally called it that the new Oklahoma City basketball team name was going to be something to do with a force of nature? And here's what stinks about this new name: It has to be included in any sort of logo for the team. What I mean is, the great logos of the NBA can stand on their own without mention of the team name: Celtics, Bulls, Heat, Spurs, the old San Francisco Warriors. There are others that I'm forgetting. But how exactly do you graphically represent something as fleeting as thunder without including the name in the logo?

Why couldn't the team just use the old Entertaining Comics logo, swapping out the 'E' for an 'OK'?

Here's the other thing that stinks about this name: Something tells me their 'secret motivating cheer' will be called the 'thunderclap' and their 'super-double-secret motivational device' will look a lot like those ridiculous thunderstix, otherwise known as vertical balloons.

Here's one, last, final, I-promise-to-drop-the-subject, alternate team name: The Oklahoma City Follies. Even though it would be used to its fullest extent by the press, the name harks back to the state's most prestigious humorist, Will Rogers. And the team will be laughable enough. Why not make it official?

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