October 01, 2007

More Press for The Card

If I know anything about my audience, it's that they see right through the baseball card media's silence towards the recent, controversial book from Michael O'Keeffe and Teri Thompson. In case you aren't familiar with The Card, it tells the story behind the most famous card in the hobby: The former Gretzky/McNall T206 Piedmont Honus Wagner. It raises some interesting ideas, including that the card has been trimmed, that PSA had knowledge of it being trimmed, that Mastro's kind of a jerk, and many more fun little tidbits that makes this hobby great.

I've written my fair share about the book, including a lengthy interview with one of the book's authors. In case you want more coverage, head over to Gelf Magazine. Gelf will also be hosting O'Keeffe and Thompson as part of their Varsity Letters reading series this Wednesday in New York City.

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