October 04, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #30: Veal for Wood

This trade comes in from Russell in Humble, Texas.

Giving: Kerry Wood, #70 (red back)
Getting: Coot Veal, 1962 Post Cereal

Here's what I like about this trade: Russell not only sends a worn, beaten-down card of Coot Veal on the Senators, with writing on it, but he sends it sandwiched between three rounded-corner Hackers-styled Stadium Club checklists and three weirdly blank-backed, late Eighties Topps sweatshirts pack filler.

That's why I'm especially pleased that this Kerry Wood card randomly came up, because there's no one more beaten-down than Kerry Wood. Even compared to a Coot Veal card with writing on it. Kerry Wood wins.

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