October 05, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #34: Schmidt for Ramirez

This trade comes in from Steve in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

Giving: Manny Ramirez, #74
Getting: Mike Schmidt, 1987 Topps

Aahhh, the 'Mike Schmidt with a Boner' card. Always good for a laugh. How unfortunate... Anyway, Steve sends a nice note questioning this one-liner on the back of Schmidt's card: "Mike lists electric trains among his hobbies."

You're right, Steve. It is weird, especially with Schmidt coming off his MVP year in 1986. What's even weirder is that Topps checklisted Mike at #430, not at a full hundred number. Schmidt was at the point in his career when he should have been placed at Hero Worship numbers every year, especially coming off an MVP season. I think #100 or #700 would have been more appropriate.

Finally, it's fitting on more than one level, that Steve will get this card of Manny Ramirez. Both respected hitters, both recognizable by their many awkward baseball cards.

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