October 05, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #33: Blue Jays for Beckett

This trade comes in from Matt in Garland, Texas.

Giving: Josh Beckett, #67
Getting: Blue Jays team card, 1978 Topps

How good was Beckett Wednesday night? This trade almost seems plausible in the real world. I mean, based on his ALDS Game 1 performance. If you were Ray Hartsfield – manager of the 1978 Toronto Blue Jays – wouldn't you trade your entire roster for Josh Beckett? Granted, your entire roster would be in their fifties or sixties today, but so what?

Beckett could be a one-man expansion team, play his home games in old Exhibition Stadium, wear those old blue-stripe uniforms and pitch nine innings every single day and bat at least 27 times a game. He'd probably lose more than he won, but I bet he'd beat the Yankees. He's a certified Yankee-killer.

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