July 21, 2007

Question from Reader

I get a lot of email from readers. Sometimes I can answer them and sometimes I need to enlist the help of others. If you have an idea of a card for this reader, please leave a comment on this post or email me and I'll make sure they receive it. A time capsule is a good idea (God knows I tried it at least once) so try to get past the part about being able to predict the future in terms of prospective card value. -Ben

Dear Card Blog:

I am putting a time capsule together for my grandson who just turned 2 in June. I am placing a variety of items in the container (letter from great grandparents, grandparents and momentos from them, some of his baby items, info/pics of his parents, comical adult size Tshirt, 18 yr old birthday cards, etc.) and I want to include Andy Pettitte baseball cards when he was an Astro in 2005. My grandson was born June 18, 2005 in the same hospital at around the same time as Pettitte's son. A picture was taken of the nurse's assignment board that displayed both of their names. Also, Andy Pettitte pitched at the first Astro baseball game my grandson attended.

What I would like for you to tell me is, are there any worthwhile card(s) available of him during that time that could possibly be of some value by 2023 when he will open his capsule?

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