July 20, 2007

Willie "The Dupe" Dipkin

Why am I only finding out about this card now? I'm serious, this is awesome. Given out at Comic Con in 1994 by Bongo & Skybox to promote the upcoming Simpsons set (which is a great little set, if you're a Simpsons fan, and can be had today for under $20), this is an almost perfect parody of the Bill Ripken '89 Fleer card. Also, does anybody know where one can buy a fitted Springfield Isotopes hat?

Speaking of the Ripkens, recent pictures of Cal make it seem that he just has to learn to smile with bottom teeth sticking out and make his eyes real wide to be able to start his second career: as an Uncle Fester impersonator.

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DT said...

I don't know about a SPRINGFIELD Isotopes hat, but you can get an Albequerque Isotopes fitted hat here:


And yes, they are related to the 'Topes from the Simpsons. See here:


(Third paragraph from the top).