August 28, 2013

Best. Day. Ever.

Lamar Johnson, 1983 Fleer

What was my best day?

I could say something sweet like "the day I got married." Sure, that was a momentous day, but not really a day I accomplished much. I just kind of stood there. Plus I get panic attacks sometimes in church for whatever reason, so I did a lot of awkward fidgeting during Mass that was eloquently captured by our videographer. Probs not my best day.

One day when I was kid I mowed like, seven lawns in one day, front AND back, playa. That was a testament to my youthful endurance and not necessarily any inherent skill, although the way I could navigate that mower around a tree with exposed roots was a sight to behold. J/k I used to run over the roots all the time, which made a very loud screeching noise and would violently fling sharpened wooden projectiles as far as 100 yards away. Anyway, probably not my best day either, but pretty dang close. If I am ever looking for a landscaping job (which may happen soon considering I work in newspapers), I am totally going to put that day on my resume.

(Speaking of resumes, I went to college with a guy who - no joke - put how many points he averaged on his high school basketball team on his resume. It was for a job in like finance or something. Seriously. His roommates senior year found and nailed it to the wall. It was amazing.)

Speaking of sports, what about sports? Not to brag, but I did some sports back in the day. I had some good days and some terrible days. During my first soccer game in first grade I scored a goal in the wrong goal. On the very first play of my very first Pop Warner football game in fifth grade I got the wind knocked out of me. Game stopped, trainers came out, dad stood proud on the sidelines. Soccer and football are the worst. HOWEVER, I did win a foul shooting contest in eighth grade. Was that my best day? Maybe, but I never wanted to be THAT GUY constantly re-living the glory days of winning foul shooting contests. Yeah, sure I did it, but it's time to move on, everyone.

Of course, who can even count the tremendous days I've had as an Internet blogger? Two posts in one day? Yep. That day Blogger went down and I persevered enough to eventually post that thing about whatever? Totes. That day I posted that thing about nonsense, and then posted the link to Facebook AND Twitter? Honestly, I've done that several times, all in day's work. I'm not looking for awards here, just talking this out.

I honestly don't know what my best day has been, which is probably an indicator that I've never had a best day. That either means I need to rethink the entire path of my life, or I should stay the course and my best day is yet to come! Let's go with the latter.

What about you, reader? What was your best day? J/k don't care. But feel free to leave in comments, I guess.

And hey, what about you, Lamar Johnson? What is your best day, besides the day you were utterly surprised by having your picture taken for a baseball card?

On perhaps the best day in his career, on June 19, 1977, against the A's, Johnson sang the National Anthem before the game, and followed up with two homers, the only White Sox hits on the day, as the Sox won 2-1.

Yes, PERHAPS. Jiminy Christmas, Lamar Johnson ... thanks for ruining this fun exercise.


J. Meeks said...

'Merica. She'll do that for you.

mkenny59 said...

Indeed. The A's were nothing but terrorists to Lamar Johnson. F yeah.

NickL said...,3197759

-The win put the White Sox in first place
-Lamar got his singing chops during "Guys and Dolls"
-Reggie Smith would NOT be intimidated in 1977

mkenny59 said...

Wow, that is just ... ASTOUNDING research. I am speechless. GUYS AND DOLLS? Thank you, Nick. Thank you from my heart.