April 19, 2012

Cardboard Fenway: 100 Red Sox Cards

2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the mecca of cramped seats, obstructed views, drunken hecklers, and the most disgusting toilets in Scotland, er, Boston. That's right, Fenway Park turns 100 this year. In fact, the celebratory game against the New York Yankees (neƩ Highlanders) is tomorrow.

To celebrate, for the next 24 hours The Baseball Card Blog will be posting 100 cards either featuring Fenway Park, a member of the Red Sox, or both. That's a new card posted every 14.4 minutes.

We'll start things off with this great 1987 Fleer card of Red Sox lefty Bruce Hurst. Fenway has not been used as a baseball-card backdrop as often as other stadia (most notably old Yankee Stadium). I'm sure there are a few reasons, most notably that the Topps photographers were based in New York City. But you know... maybe that gigantic centerfield billboard for cigarettes didn't exactly help Fenway's cause, either.

Cardboard Fenway #1. 1987 Fleer Bruce Hurst

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