April 27, 2012

1976 Topps Traded: The Missing Cards

I was reading somewhere online today about the 1976 Topps Traded set, and how lots of guys who were traded that year didn't make it into the set. Granted, this is easily explained away that guys who were traded after Topps went to press weren't going to have a Traded card, but still.

So I've decided that over the next few months I will create 44 additional traded cards for the 1976 Topps set, in a little project I'm calling "1976 Topps Traded: The Missing Cards."

I've written before about how the original 1976 Topps Traded series, though laden with stars of the day, including Rusty Staub, Fergie Jenkins, and Willie Randolph—is lacking considerable superstar power, power that could've been provided by guys like Don Baylor, Reggie Jackson, Willie McCovey, Nate Colbert, and Mike Torrez; all of whom were traded at some point in 1976. And what about guys like Vida Blue and Bert Blyleven, or the ballyhooed free agent? Topps missed a grand promotional blitz by not including Andy Messersmith on his new team (the Atlanta Braves).

Sure, for every missed Messersmith and McCovey there was a missed Drago and Meoli. Don't worry, those three will get their Missing Cards too. Look for the first cards this weekend here on the blog and over on the blog's Facebook page!

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