August 11, 2011

Punk Portraits in Penultimacy...

I was pretty excited when the Topps Allen & Ginter set came out this year. I do not collect too many "new" cards (with the exception of cards from my beloved San Diego Padres.) A&G has been one of my favorite releases for the past few years. The abundance of bizarre insert sets is one of my favorite things about Allen & Ginter.

This year's release has a truly great one. The Portraits in Penultimacy insert set cards come about one in every 12 packs. They aren't terribly rare, and are fairly cheap on the secondary market. I was giving some serious thought towards collecting the 10-card set... Until I saw the checklist...

I copied this from the awesome Baseballcardpedia:

Portraits in Penultimacy

PP1 Antonio Meucci
PP2 Mike Gellner
PP3 Dr. Watson
PP4 Igor
PP5 The Hare
PP6 Tonto
PP7 Antonio Salieri
PP8 Sancho Panza
PP9 Thomas E. Dewey
PP10 Toto

Topps sure missed the boat on this one. While I absolutely LOVE the addition of Mike Gellner, I can't believe they left out a classic baseball card tie-in:

PunkRockPaint's PP11 - Johnny Oates

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night owl said...

Awesome. I had a spin-off idea on the Penultimacy set, too, but I could never match what you could do with it.