July 22, 2011

Topps SNL Archives: the Barry Gibb talk show

So yesterday in Boston it was a soupy 95º F. I didn't do much, but I did make it down to my local shop on my All-Star Air Conditioned tour of the city (also on the tour: an early scope out of the ensuing Borders liquidation sale). I got some nice Red Sox commons I was missing (hello Russ Nixon) and this Jimmy Fallon (already in the 25-cent bin!).

Fact: Jimmy Fallon had a very hard time keeping a straight face in almost any sketch he was in on SNL. (Double Fact: Especially if he was in one with Horatio Sanz.) Even here, on the Weekend Update set, he looks ready to start guffawing it up. Fact: I always thought that by laughing or mugging for his friends totally got in the way of the essence of selling the jokes and nine times out of ten ruined the sketch. But that tenth time? That tenth time was when it was on The Barry Gibb Talk Show. No matter how many times he or Justin Timberlake cracked up, it could never ruin the joke. 

OK, on to the pack break.

SNL Archives #10 - Dana Carvey

SNL Archives #51 - George Carlin

SNL Archives #58 - Jay Mohr

SNL Archives #71 - Elton John

SNL Archives #95B - Jimmy Fallon/Barry Gibb VARIATION

SNL Archives #132 - Adrien Brody

This is easily the best pack I've opened so far. On the back of Brody's card it says he was banned after hosting because he did an improvised intro for the musical guest. Whatever happened to Adrien Brody, anyway? I think he was last seen acting smug in a beer commercial, if I remember correctly. Actually, "acting smug" pretty much sums up his career. 

Also, awesome that I got Dana Carvey and George Carlin in the same pack. And finally, the Barry Gibb variation. Totally great that Topps added variations (like the Farley Now With "ANGELS"). I can't wait to get my September Beckett. I wonder if they'll include this set (I mean, they included Donruss Americana for however many years it was made; let's just say I'd be surprised if SNL Archives didn't make it in, considering Topps' clout).


Addicted to Cardboard said...

Man these cards are awesome. I never thought I would be interested in a non-sport card but these look well worth it. I love SNL, so that helps a lot. Now if only I could find a place to buy them...

mattmaison said...

Ok, I give up. Is this SNL Archives set real or fake. I've been seeing your posts for months, but have never seen these cards anywhere else. What's going on? If these are real, where do you buy them?