July 21, 2011

Guest Pack: SNL Archives Chris Farley Auto Hit

I was all set to post my next pack when I got this email from Reader Tony:

Hey guys, I was at the Target in Allen Park (off Interstate 94 in Michigan) late yesterday on a diaper run and bought a pack of the new SNL Archives. After a few nobodies (who the heck is Danitra Vance?) I pulled this. The webcam sort of washed out the pic, so here's a scan of the front also. Cool blog! Keep it up, Tony

All I can say is wow. No matter what your take on cut signature cards is (personally, I don't see the appeal of a piece of a signed check or index card embedded in a trading card), this is spectacular. First of all, Chris Farley autographs aren't exactly cheap. Second of all, he signed it "your awesome!", which is now how I'm going to sign everything.

Now how come I never find big hits like this? I feel like even if I buy a box of these, the best I'll do is a stupid swatch of a Joe Piscopo costume.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, Tony. This is great.


mkenny59 said...

(Internal thought process: "Should I mention that it should be 'you're' as opposed to 'your?' Nah, forget it. Don't be that guy. Just say something normal...)

Farley rules!

Seriously though -- great find.

dodgerbobble said...

Sick! In the SNL world, is that pulling a Mantle auto?

Farley is my all-time favorite SNL cast member. Great post!