May 10, 2011

1956 Topps Variations: #145 Gil Hodges

I've been collecting 1956 Topps, with the hopes that some day I'll be able to afford the Mantle (in any condition) and complete the set. But as I've been piecing it together — buying commons at my local shop, picking up random cards at shows, and looking for cheaper stars on eBay, I'm finding I really have my work cut out for me.

I like to go for a master set when possible, and my quest for 1956 will be no different. I have just over 300 or so of the regular checklist, including both checklists. But if I start differentiating between gray backs, white backs, dated teams, centered teams, bearded variations, and others, I begin to realize just how complicated the master set will be to put together.

For example, check out this auction I found tonight. I've been searching for the Hodges "incognito" variation for almost a year, and even though $47.75 is sort of out of my price range for a single card, I'm seriously  tempted. (The most I've paid for a single card is $50 for a Ted Williams with a large crease. Second most? $32 for a Willie Mays with a stealth miscut on the back.)

I've wanted to blog about this set for a while now. I really think it's one of the best of its era in terms of checklist and design. It's also, in the grand scheme of things, relatively easy to put together, as it's bountiful on eBay in all conditions. Sure, the master set will be a challenge. But that's half the fun, right?

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Ernest said...

nice, your cracking me up