April 29, 2011

The Baseball Card Blog welcomes a new contributor: Travis from PunkRockPaint

Dear Gentle Reader,

We are excited to announce that Travis from Punk Rock Paint will be joining Ben and Mike as a regular contributor to The Baseball Card Blog.

In our estimation, Travis' creative design sensibility and skill are unparalleled in the realm of baseball card art, with his stellar custom graphics for Big Lebowski, Lost, and Star Wars sets, among others, as testaments to this fact.

But what really sets his work apart is his sense of history and appreciation not just for the history of the game of baseball but also for the art, design, and printing standards throughout the history of trading card production.

If you are unfamiliar with Travis' artwork, definitely check out his personal blog (linked above).

Please join us in welcoming Travis to The Baseball Card Blog!

1 comment:

"...been there, done that!" said...

Hi, Looking forward to it.

As a kid I had complete sets of the B. Dodgers, NY Yanks & Giants from the 1940's.

Upon growing up & moving out, the cards were thrown out by others.

I had the Duke, the Mick, Ted, Willy and many others inc. some rookie cards.
I still have autographs of Peewee, Willy, Wes Westrum & his wife Larainne Day & others.

Good luck with the bog.