January 10, 2010

Hosken Powell On My Mind

Pack 11 Guesses: Willie Randolph, Ron LeFlore, Sweaty Yaz, Dick Davis, Bo Diaz
Pack 11 Actual: Randolph, LeFlore, Yaz, Ben Ogilvie, Bo Diaz
5/5 NEW!

If you were Topps, and had about a hundred photos of Carl Yastrzemski at your disposal for a photo for a sticker, why would you ever pick this one? Did someone at the company have a grudge against Yaz?

Pack 12 Guesses: Carlton Fisk, Amos Otis, Jim Presley, Richard Dotson, Gary Roenicke
Pack 12 Actual: Fisk, Otis, Bruce Bochte, Dotson, Rich Dauer
5/5 NEW!

Great photo of FIsk looking intimidating. Also, great photo of a young Bochte. Hard to recognize without his mustache.

Pack 13 Guesses: Paul Molitor, Rod Carew, Manny Trillo, Bob "Not So Big In Japan" Horner, AL All-Star Rod Carew
Pack 13 Actual: All Correct!
5/5 NEW!

Horner and Trillo are my first two National Leaguers in the last three packs. Also, the Molitor sticker was in the pack backwards and upside down.

Pack 14 Guesses: Hawk Dawson, AL All-Star Goose Gossage, NL All-Star Mike Schmidt, NL All-Star Manny Trillo, Dale Murphy
Pack 14 Actual: All Correct!
5/5 NEW!

Easily the best pack of the day, with 3 big All-Stars, a great shot of Dawson, plus overlooked superstar Dale Murphy.

Pack 15 Guesses: Lou Whitaker, Jose Cruz, Dan Ford, Hosken Powell, Jim Sundberg
Pack 15 Actual: All Correct!
2/5 NEW!

Very similar to Pack 5, where Whitaker, Cruz, and Sundberg are part of the "controlled" sequence, and Ford and Powell are randomized. Also, what information has been denied to my brain to accommodate my ability to recognize Hosken Powell by sight?

Packs 11 through 15 yielded 22 new stickers and 3 doubles. Sixteen from the American League; Two AL All-Stars in gold foil & Two NL All-Stars in silver foil; Five from the National League.

Great return from Packs 11 through 15. Finally got a few NL All-Stars, and wound up with just three doubles. I have yet to find any of the League Leaders or the Postseason stickers. It's kind of hard to believe that, for the most part, all of these stickers still stick on their pages, some 28 years after creation. That's a nice shelf life, eh?

This has been fun for me so far, and you have to wonder if a sticker set, complete with album, is something Topps will bring back in the next few years. If they priced it real low, that would be great.

Finally, after 15 packs I have completed roughly 22% of the set (57/260 stickers).

More analysis after Packs 16 through 20.

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MattR said...

I forgot how cool these stickers were. I need to get on eBay and get a hold of a couple of boxes.