January 18, 2010

The Greatest Photo in the History of Baseball

There are two things I'd love to see happen in terms of new applications of current technology:

1. Historical map overlays for Google Maps.

2. 3-D webcam projections for older Topps products, specifically Topps Attax: 1982 Topps Stickers

I can't believe that I've been alive for almost 31 years and didn't know that this photo of Mark Clear existed. His hair is breaking the dimensional plane at such an angle that it's almost like you could reach out and feel its sweaty, greasy split ends. Incredible. Right, onto the packs.

Pack 37: NL All-Star Andre Dawson, Kirk Gibson, George Brett, Milt May, Bob Forsch

Pack 38: Doug Flynn, Leon Durham, NL All-Star Steve Carlton, Mike Norris, Gary Gray

Pack 39: Steve McCatty, Steve Henderson, Warren Cromartie, Danny Darwin, Dwight Evans

Pack 40: Alan Trammell, Fred Lynn, Julio Cruz, Mickey Hatcher, Billy Almon

Pack 41: George Hendrick, Jerry Mumphrey, John Mayberry, Steve Rogers, Gary Matthews

Pack 42: Len Barker Highlight, John Castino, Don Baylor, Pete Rose Highlight, 1981 World Series Game 6

Pack 43: Greg Luzinski, AL All-Star Carlton Fisk, Terry Puhl, Bob Knepper, Tony Armas

Pack 44: Willie Wilson, Bob Grich, Steve Garvey, Bruce Sutter, Tony Bernazard

Pack 45: Tim Raines Highlight, Otto Velez, Carl Yastrzemski Highlight, Carney Lansford, Mark Clear

Pack 46: Glenn Hubbard, Craig Reynolds, Ken Forsch, Mike Hargrove, Bill Buckner

Well, I'm back down on earth at 16/50 after going 50/50 on new stickers. That's to be expected, I guess . . . What's more interesting is that I still haven't received a Padre in a pack yet, nor a League Leader . . . I finally got a World Series sticker, and I'm decidedly underwhelmed, especially after the silver and gold foil of the AL and NL All-Star stickers . . . Are Ken and Bob Forsch twins? They are so similar it's hard to believe they're not the same person.

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Steve F. said...

First, welcome back, Ben.

Second, I was 13 in 1982 and well into my collecting days--so of course, while I collected the sticker set that year (and in 1981, and a couple years later), I never stuck them into my books. I was too "smart" to ruin them that way. Of course, they probably cost less now than they did then, even without factoring in inflation! Based on their low value, it is tempting to stick them now. They would certainly look better in the albums than they do in the boxes in my basement where they are now. I may end up doing it as I continue to read your posts.