January 21, 2010

The Curious Collation of Rick Cerone

Remember how I droned on and on about collation speculation in Tuesday's post? About how if all went according to the hypothesized 52-pack cycle, I wouldn't get a triple of any one sticker? Well, that was before I opened Packs 57 through 66. Let's get right to the meat of it.

Pack 57: Lenny Randle, Buddy Bell, AL All-Star Jack Morris, Phil Niekro, Carney Lansford League Leader

Pack 58: Rollie Fingers League Leader, Rich Gossage, Johnnie LeMaster, Rick Rhoden, Len Barker League Leader

Pack 59: Jim Bibby, AL All-Star Rich Gossage, Rick Cerone, Rick Manning, Pete Vuckovich

Pack 60: Eddie Murray League Leader, Fernando Valenzuela League Leader, Keith Hernandez, Graig Nettles, Dave Collins

Pack 61: 1981 AL Championship, Roy Smalley, Joel Youngblood, Mike Easler, Lee Mazzilli

Pack 62: Rick Cerone, Roy Smalley, Eddie Murray League Leader, Steve McCatty League Leader, Bruce Sutter League Leader

Pack 63: Joel Youngblood, Tom Hume, Lenny Randle, Steve McCatty League Leader, Steve Kemp

Pack 64: 1981 AL Championship, Bill Madlock League Leader, Joel Youngblood, Mike Easler, Lee Mazzilli

Pack 65: Jim Bibby, Bill Madlock League Leader, Rick Cerone, Rick Manning, Pete Vuckovich

Pack 66: Rick Cerone, NL All-Star Bruce Sutter, Eddie Murray League Leader, AL All-Star Ken Singleton, Bruce Sutter League Leader

I honestly don't where to begin. I may have got 16/50 new stickers, but four Rick Cerones? Three Murray League Leaders? Three Joel Youngbloods? And what about the multiple twos: Roy Smalley, Pete Vuckovich, Mike Easler, Lee Mazzilli, Rick Manning, Jim Bibby?

This box went from a hypothesized pack cycle of 52 to a pack cycle of less than four. How did that happen so quickly? When I wrap up the box or complete the album (whichever comes first), I'll have to spend at least a few minutes devising a chart for this box's collation.


Todd Uncommon said...

I, for one, am curious to see how this turns out. I remember buying these for 25¢ in 1982. Initially, I was happy buying them for what seemed to be a cheap price.

I gave up trying to put together a full set before too long, precisely because there seemed to be no end in sight to be able to get a favorable collation.

The NFL stickers were just as bad. I complained less about those at the time, mostly because I got multiple duplicates of 49ers, and that was OK by me.

PunkRockPaint said...

I find your lack of Padres disturbing.

The lack of Padres was certainly an issue for me as a kid. By the time '85 rolled around they were everywhere.

Would you mind starting this whole experiment over again with a product that contains players from the Padres?


Beautiful! My word verification is:


Our gyp...

Sounds like a Padres fan's recollection of the '82 sticker set.