August 19, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure... Card 710

Warning: Parental advisory for violence, blood, foul language, and Bud Selig. This is a set of Choose Your Own Adventure cards by PunkRockPaint. If you have reached this page by accident and want to start at the beginning of the story click here.

“Bud?!?” you both say in unison. Bud Selig, owner of the Brewers, raises his head at you in confusion, he blinks his eyes rapidly. “You’re, you’re alive?” he stammers, as Yount reaches down and pulls him to his feet. “I thought, I thought that everyone…” You grab Selig by the shoulders and spin him around to face you. In a tone harsher than you intended, you blurt, “No time! We have a situation here, now what do you know about this!?!? Is there a cure, an antidote?”
    “For what?” he asks confusedly. Yount grabs him by the lapel and growls, “The flu shots! They caused this! YOU did this!”
    “What, a cure? No, I have, we didn’t, I… I… it WAS the cure... for the FLU!” he began to stammer as tears well up in his eyes, “How could this happen…” was all he got out before the sobs overwhelmed him. The echoing sounds of banging against the clubhouse door grew louder. Everyone turned to look for a moment before you say, “We’d better get moving. I don’t know if that door is going to last for long.” As the door crashes open in the distance behind you, Bud opens the side door and immediately takes off down a darkened hallway. You both follow behind. Yount slams and quickly barricades the door. In the seconds it took to block the door with a chair, Selig has disappeared down the dark, curving hallway. The spry old man’s footsteps are just a faint echo.
    You follow the sound of the footsteps around the bend, but the hallway ends at a pair of locked doors. There are stairs to the right, and a ramp angling up to the left. As Yount yanks in vain on the door handle, he looks to the right and says, “The front office is up there...” Looking left, he grimaces, “...the field. Which way do you think he went?”

 If he went to the field, he’ll need help. You run up the ramp to the field.  Go to Card #711

 The offices might have some answers...  Go to Card #223

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