August 07, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure... Card 587

Warning: Parental advisory for violence, blood, foul language, and Bud Selig. This is a set of Choose Your Own Adventure cards by PunkRockPaint. If you have reached this page by accident and want to start at the beginning of the story click here.

As you head toward the mound, a figure rises slowly. As you approach, it bends at the waist, dead eyes locked on yours. Then, in a strange pantomime of movements that appear more marionette than human, it flails its arm at you. Before you can see the ball, you are knocked backward as searing pain radiates from your shoulder and the bat falls from your hands. You wince in pain as you grab the bat again and charge the mound. You sprint the last few strides as it fumbles in vain for another ball. Your first swing rips its arm off at the shoulder. The next shatters both knees! Turning the bat into a stake, you plunge it into the figure’s chest, pinning his flailing body to the mound. More creatures stream toward you from the dugouts, you run to first base… 

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