July 06, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure... Card 580

Warning: Parental advisory for violence, blood, foul language, and Bud Selig. This is a set of Choose Your Own Adventure cards by PunkRockPaint. If you have reached this page by accident and want to start at the beginning of the story click here.

You grab the bucket of balls. Yount kicks the chair out from under the door handle, and two rotting creatures pile into the clubhouse. With one swing, he knocks both of their heads free from their bodies. The hallway to the field is empty, and you both head up the ramp to the field. As you near the dugout, he stops you and says, “When we get out there, light up a ball, soft toss it to me, and call out a target. I’ll handle the rest. You just keep those fireballs coming.” You can only nod in stunned silence. As you step out of the dugout, you recognize several targets. You grab a ball from the bucket, light it, and toss it gently toward number 19. As the ball reaches its peak, and seems to hover in the air, you yell out...

 “Right Field! Deer!”  Go to Card # 709

 “Third Base! Seevum... Suveem... Suveeum... Suave... Su-vame... Soowee... Ah, forget it! Dale! 

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