August 20, 2008

Lil' Kwame Brown

I keep a mini card of Kwame Brown on my desk, one that I've dubbed Lil' Kwame Brown. And I've been thinking: what if Lil' Kwame was real? I've come up with one possible movie for him, based on his real-life basketball exploits...

But this would be just the beginning. I think Lil' Kwame has three-picture deal potential.

In "Swishinpoofs" he would star as a troubled-but-talented ballplayer, forced to join the college a capella group in order to stay academically eligible.

And in "The Lil'est Spy", Brown would infiltrate an underground drug network, with a climactic death race sequence shot in real time, between Lil' Kwame and life-size Andrei Kirilenko.

And if Hollywood doesn't pan out, Lil' Kwame definitely has boy-band potential.

(And by the way, I'd love to see other movie posters for fake films starring sportscards.)

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