July 30, 2008

eBay of the Day (ON, DOWYA), 7/30

Check this out. Someone is selling 900,000 cards from the 1984 Nestle/Topps set. I love the asking price for the lot, as if to suggest that there's a huge, hobby-rippling demand for this parallel set. Also, the guy's threatening to bring this lot to the National (starts today) if he doesn't sell it on eBay first.

One good thing does come out of the owner making this lot public: it helps determine the overall print run. Turns out there were a lot more of these cards than I thought.

900,000 stars and commons from 1984 Topps Nestle set

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so where does one obtain close to a million 1984 nestle cards? what, was this guy like a kmart stocker and late one night he hijacked a palette of these things that were destined for aisle 7? Was he an old Nestle exec and instead of stock options he went cardboard? and no Tigers? he is from macomb which is a detroit burb. this is hilarious really. Who doesn't want 865,000 1984 Nestle commons?