May 30, 2008

Stuff to Read & Monitor

To read

• Head over to to read Darren Rovell's piece on the glory that is the '89 Upper Deck Ken Griffey.

• Start reading Sportscards Uncensored if you don't already. The writer has a voice that should definitely be heard. Also, as the title suggests, he likes to swear. A lot.

• Read Adam McFarland's Sports Lizard Rant. He's much more eloquent than I'll ever hope to be.

To monitor

• The general consensus is that Toppstown is going to be stupid. But let me say this: if and when I start buying Topps Series 2, I'm going to start entering codes, if only to see if I can find the secret hatch that makes the thing disappear. (By the way, if Toppstown is a hit, that probably means The Upper Deck ain't too far behind. Also, an enterprising card blogger would get him or herself in there on the ground floor and start the Toppstown alternative weekly. Call it something like The Michigan Test-Wax Tribune and I might have my anthropomorphic baseball cards read it.)

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