April 29, 2008

Link of the Day

Over the past month I watched Seasons 1 & 2 of The Wire. It's a good show, though not as good as the hype would suggest and certainly not as good as The Sopranos. Anyway, this morning I found this link from Kottke.org.

This image was posted under the heading "Herc's Dream Date". Gus Triandos never got so much love.


forgerelli said...

The Wire is the best television show I've ever seen. When taken as a whole it is far better than the Sopranos. The Wire is the equivalent of the 1984 Donruss set. Over looked at the time but after people realized how good it was it became the best set among it's contemporaries.


Seattle said...

Whoa ... I've been doing the exact same thing. It's weird how Triandos and Herc look almost exactly alike, eh?