April 28, 2008

Baseball Card Game: Casting Agent

One of my favorite games is called Casting Agent. You choose, based on the photograph on the front of their baseball card, the perfect candidate for each role. This morning the show I’m casting is a cop show I’ve titled “Third Strike.” (I know, it’s a bad title… but good in a late night syndicated cop show kind of way.)

Casting Agent: Cop Show

Title: Third Strike

‘A’ Plot:
A heroic police detective screws up on the job and his identical twin (and detective partner) dies in a vat of hot wax (or so he thinks). In the wake of his mistake, the detective leaves the force to become an alcoholic, with a candle phobia. When he returns he asks for a transfer to a new department and lands in Street Crime. He bonds with his new partner, mayhem ensues and he learns that the only way to defeat his personal demons is to pursue elusive criminal masterminds including “Nickel Nip,” whom Detective Malzone figures out is his identical twin, Haddix Malzone (portrayed by Cardinals’ fireballer Harvey Haddix).

‘B’ Plots: The Sarge (Ron Kline) is incompetent and the other detectives are crazy.


Street Crime Unit

Frank Malzone as Detective Malzone

Tommy Davis as Detective Davis

George Scott as Detective Scott

Sal Bando as Detective Sal “Loose Cannon” Bando

Ron Kline as The Sarge


Bobby Thomson as "Bang Bang" in episode Shot In The Park

Wally Moon as "The Professor" in episode Evil has an MA

Moose Skowron as "The Moose" in episode Off Season Hunting

Rocky Bridges as "Chaw" in episode Bad Habits Die Hard

Harvey Haddix as Haddix “Nickel Nip” Malzone
in episodes Brothers in Blood (and Wax), Nickel In Change, Requiem For A Malzone, Family Reunion and Third Strike (Nickel Nipped)

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