October 24, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #49: Ripkin for Wang

This trade comes in from Bill in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Giving: Chien-MIng Wang, #128 (red back)
Getting: Cal Ripkin, Jr., 1992 Major League Baseball Aces (9 of diamonds)

Just a few quick questions. 1) Did the US Playing Card Company or its printer employ a proofreader, or did anyone who works there casually follow sports? I know ... it's not like that job would be very demanding: make sure there are four suits, that there's fifty-two cards per deck, and that none of the face cards are subliminally flipping the bird ... but if the answer is 'yes' to either of those questions, why in God's name did they let Cal Ripken's name go out as 'Ripkin'? Unbelievable.

2) Why has Cal been relegated to the nine of diamonds? If I worked at the US Playing Card Company and was asked for a brilliant idea to really set those bastards at the Bicycle Card Company back on their asses, I would've suggested - maybe - possibly - putting Cal on a face card, if not on an ace (and if I were allowed to sport a little tongue in cheek humor about the whole thing, ol' Cal woulda been the six of diamonds).

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