October 22, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #48: Phillips for Bigbie

This trade comes in from Chris in Columbia, Maryland.

Giving: Brandon Phillips, #139 (red back)
Getting: Larry Bigbie, 2006 Topps

Of course, my scanner is not working, so you don't get to see that this Larry Bigbie card is not of Larry Bigbie. It is a card of Brian Roberts. In an airbrushed Rockies uniform, and stamped with a Cardinals team name. So here's the real question: Why did Topps stop there? Why not just show him wearing half of the Phillie Phanatic costume, smoking a cigarette and donning a top hat? Or better yet, a picture of the real Larry Bigbie scratching his head in front of a departures screen at BWI Airport. That would've at least been the most accurate thing for Topps to do.

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