October 09, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #37: Teahen for James

This trade comes in from Jason in Rochester, Illinois.

Giving: Mark Teahen, #124 (red back)
Getting: Bob James, 1987 Donruss

Bob James is rocking out in this photo. He genuinely looks like he's having a great time being ... on the White Sox. Wait a minute ... it looks like, yes, he appears to be missing a tooth. Or maybe it's a gold tooth. OK, so here's Bob James's backstory: He's either a fun-loving mountain beast who was being shot at by poachers and climbed into the Guillen family van while they were on vacation in Appalachia (and Ozzie taught him how to live and dress like a person, though he still shits in the woods!), OR he's a free-spirit pirate who's got a great story to tell you about how he lost that tooth, but it's really long and you probably wouldn't understand (or believe!) half the things he would say, as he spent all those years on the high seas developing his own language, which he now takes city to city with him, one he calls Esperanto.

Mark Teahen is obviously E.T. In a Royals uniform.

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