September 09, 2007

Tradeaway #1: The Kick-Off

So far forty-one traders have lined up, including tonight's trader, Josh from Brooklyn, New York.

The Cards

Giving: Goudey Graphs Carl Crawford
Getting: Team Topps Jim Leyritz

I was originally going to hold onto this card, but my friend Josh (he helped me start The Baseball Card Blog in January 2006) and I put together this great autograph card trade. So while I'm sad to see the Carl Crawford (or 'Cl Cf' as he signs it) go, I'm excited to get this ridiculous card of Jim Leyritz.

Crawford signed the actual stock of his card, while Leyritz signed a hologram sticker that was placed on the face of the card. Also, I find it funny when ballplayers include their jersey numbers in their signatures. Leyritz includes his (#13), which begs the question: does he use this signature to pay his bills? How about when he signs birthday cards? Or when leaving notes for his friends and family? "Gone to the store. Be back by 7. - J LTZ #13" The only player who I could picture actually doing this is Reggie Jackson: "Congratulations on graduating! Your mother and I are very proud of you - Reggie Jackson #44, '77 WS MVP 3 HR's"

All in all, a good trade, and a great way to start the Great Goudey Trade-away. If you're interested in trading for a random card from my box of 2007 UD/Fleer Goudey, send me an email for instructions.

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