September 10, 2007

Goudey Tradeaway #3: Eckstein & Kearns for Boone & Davis/Fernandez

This trade comes in from Chris in Bend, Oregon.

Giving: David Eckstein, #157; Austin Kearns, #131
Getting: Dan Boone, 1991 Score; Tony Fernandez/Glenn Davis, 1988 Topps Sticker

Chris was kind enough to enclose a letter, pointing out that prospect Dan Boone was 37 years old in 1990. To celebrate this, I'm sending back two veterans who still look like they can't buy beer without a fake ID.

Here's Dan Boone's 1991 Score blurb, in its entirety.

The most heart-warming story of '90 might just be the return to baseball of Dan, the seventh generation nephew of the famous frontiersman. At 142, one of the lightest pitchers ever, he had retired in '84. The Orioles signed Dan in '90 after seeing him pitch in Florida's winter Senior League. A 36-year-old knuckleballer, he ranked second in the International League in ERA and pitched a no-hitter. ("I had to fight back the tears the last three innings.") Brought up to the majors in mid-September after an eight-year absence, he threw 2.1 scoreless innings in his first appearance.

By the way, that Glenn Davis sticker is going in my moleskine notebook. That's a fact, jack.

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