September 29, 2007

Goudey Trade-away #28: 3 for 3

This trade comes in from Nick in Ripon, California.

Giving: Ryan Howard, #102; Torii Hunter, #95; Jacque Jones, #48
Getting: Matt Cain, 2007 Bowman Chrome; Brett Myers, 2007 Topps Finest; Jimmy Rollins, 2007 Allen & Ginter

Nick offers a three-fer, and I've decided to go for it. Rollins is rockin' a mustache that makes him look like he means business. Also, the Bowman Chrome and Finest cards feel about as thick and as glossy as credit cards. I don't see the appeal of those two base sets.

Nick does, though. In his enclosed letter he writes, "Topps Finest is probably my favorite set this year, probably because it costs a fortune." Well, Nick, for my money, this Goudey set looks like it's hard to beat. Hope you enjoy these cards. And don't give Jacque Jones no guff--he's not in a very good mood.

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