June 27, 2007

Topps, Upper Deck & Michael Eisner
Walk Into a Bar...

I don't really consider what I do 'baseball card punditry', as I'm really just a collector with a lot on his mind. I have noticed, however, that a number of people come to The Baseball Card Blog on a search for information on the sordid Upper Deck-loves-Topps, Topps-loves-Eisner, Joanie-loves-Chachi affair that has tortured our hobby for the past few months. Therefore, here's a list of every post on The Blog where any of it is mentioned.

These date back almost a year, starting with my post last summer 'Six Steps to Save the Hobby'. That post was written in July 2006 with a fantasy world in mind, though now it seems at least part of it is coming true. I've also included links about and my reviews of 2007 Topps and Upper Deck, for context.

Six Steps to Save the Hobby
New Topps Baseball
The Trouble with Topps
2007 Topps: Card Critic Weighes In
All Your Bazooka Are Belong to Eisner
Card Critic: 2007 Upper Deck Series 1
Interview with The Card's Michael O'Keeffe
Crain's NY Business article

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