May 24, 2007

Topps Series 2: Why is Yadier Molina #660?

Topps has announced its checklist for Topps Series 2, and lo and behold, Yadier Molina is #660, a spot historically reserved (at least across the mid 1970s) for a superstar like Hank Aaron. It's an important number for Topps, as many of its sets end on 660. So why not put together a quick card of Barry Bonds? For all the crap that Bonds has gone through over the past five years or so, Topps has almost always stood by him, and now that he's back under contract, it just makes sense that he'd come in at 660. I mean, if Topps has the wherewithal to correct the Jeter card, you'd think they'd be able to seed in one of Bonds.

Another big shock: Daisuke Matsuzaka gets a 2nd tier number on his first card (#630). That's big, especially since it took Roberto Clemente something like five or six years to get his first.

Read all about Topps Series 2 here.

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