May 22, 2007

Summer Reading List

Well, it's almost Memorial Day, the Sox are building their yearly gigantic lead on the Jays and the Yankees and the good weather is pulling me outside and away from updating this here blog. And it's not for lack of ideas; I've plenty and I've also been putting off following up on ideas from over a month ago. One thing I haven't been skimping on is reading.

Other fans have found joy in putting together a good sports library, and I'm no different. That's why I offer this small list of baseball-related books, bios and memoirs that I've read over the last year or so, as a help to others looking for a way to put off more pressing things in favor of a good summer read.

Bill Lee and Dick Lally, The Wrong Stuff
Jim Bouton, Ball Four
Roy Campanella, It's Good to be Alive
Buster Olney, The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty
Robert Whiting, You Gotta Have Wa
Bob Lemke, The 2007 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards
Leo Durocher with Ed Linn, Nice Guys Finish Last
Don Dewey, The Black Prince of Baseball: Hal Chase and the Mythology of the Game
Robert Peterson, Only the Ball was White
Seth Mnookin, Feeding the Monster
Peter Gammons, Beyond the Sixth Game
Bill Veeck with Ed Linn, Veeck--As In Wreck
Don Olson, Bambi's Bombers
Michael Coffey, 27 Men Out
Ken Kaiser with David Fisher, Planet of the Umps
John Gall and Gary Engel, Sayonara Home Run!

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