May 02, 2007

Carded - May 2

Fantastic & Embarrassing Baseball News

...I saw that Orlando Cepeda got arrested for having drugs in his possession. It's probably for a reason that Topps doesn't do player biography booklets anymore, though I wouldn't mind seeing an update to Cepeda's 1970 booklet and the ever-bored Topps copywriter's take on the others involved in Cepeda's arrest (Officer Wulf Corrington and Giants spokesperson Staci Slaughter). Read it here...

...How much is my card collection worth? If you're reading this blog, there's a good chance you searched for that phrase on a search engine and it took you here. Personally, I know my collection isn't worth that much. I have a lot of old cards, but I've made a point of buying low-grade cards, as my mantra has always been that owning the card is more important than having it in mint or near-mint condition. Of course, at this rate, I'll never be considered the next Lionel Carter, who just sold his collection for $1.6 million. Then again, I'll never be robbed as many times as Carter, either. Read about the sale here...

Look for a new daily post later tonight, tenatively called 'Best of the Blurbs'.

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