March 11, 2007

Team Card Tournament

I've laid the groundrules for scoring. Now here's the bracket. I guess I just need to make one more clarification: the cards listed here are those within my personal collection. Also, I'm only drawing from baseball team cards (with two notable exceptions, but both were included within baseball card sets). Also, for the most part all of these cards are made by Topps. I've noticed through my years collecting that the team card is a very Topps thing to put in a set. Fleer used to do a checklist with a manager floating head, and Donruss never even did that. Upper Deck did some team specials, but I've never known them to do full-blown team cards. That's why the Deck's only represented on one card, and it's one of the 'notable exceptions.'

Team cards will go head to head. Scoring will be based on the ten categories I outlined in a previous post (I will go over the categories every time I do a matchup). Here's how it'll work:

1. I post the matched team cards (with pictures), in the morning.
2. You, as readers, will have all day to speculate and voice your opinion through
comments and email on who should win the match-up.
3. That same evening I'll post the results, with scoring.

The whole Tournament should take about a week or two. The winner will be given a very special place on the Baseball Card Blog. The first 8 match-ups will be posted tomorrow morning.

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